Anine Bing: The Boho Chic Beauty

Nobody does laid-back LA style quite like Anine Bing, the model gone blogger/designer/entrepreneur/singer – and mum.

Things move fast in the world of Anine Bing. As a model, the Danish beauty travelled all over the world. As a blogger, she’s became known for her perfectly laid-back boho chic wardrobe. And as a singer, she’s won us over with soulful, melancholic tunes. Yet somehow, in between everything else going on, Anine’s found the time to have two young children and launch a successful brand based on her own wardrobe. 

Tell us about your brand!
– I wanted to create a line that had the perfect mix of luxurious basics and a balance between rock chic and laid back bohemian. I always start with designing something I really want in my own wardrobe and I really like my pieces to be easy to wear but still have a bit of edge.

Who do you love to see wearing it?
– The collection is tailored towards city girls, who travel the world, who are very fashion forward and who are passionate about art and music and want to ‘wear their lifestyle’ day and night. If I had to choose one girl though, it would have to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. She has an amazing style and it’s really flattering when I see her in ANINE BING.

AnineIt’s all happened quite fast?
– Yes, I started the brand together with my husband Nicolai in June 2012 and just after a few weeks some of the stores here in Los Angeles had picked it up. Two years later we’re in more than 150 stores worldwide and we’re planning to open our first flagship store in Los Angeles this year.

What’s your daily beauty routine like?
– It’s super easy. I wash my face every morning. I use eye cream and I mix my day cream with my foundation to create that super natural look (Editor’s note: This is exactly what BB cream is all about). And I add some blush on my cheeks to get that extra glow. I love smokey eyes – so one of my favourites is my cream eye shadow and black eyeliner. I finish with some mascara. I always let my hair air dry. Easy and quick!

What about when you go to a party or attend an event, what is your look like?
– It's still quite relaxed. I feel good in a pair of leather pants, and perhaps a silk top to go with that. I add a bit of rock'n'roll feeling to my make up though. Really smokey eyes and a nice beige or pink tinted lipgloss. I like to curl my hair but still keep it a bit messy. 

We can see why – you must be super busy! How do you do it all?
– It isn’t easy to find a balance between it all, but I try my best. It is really important to take a break here and there, otherwise I tend to work 24/7. There is always something to do, so it’s about planning and organizing. Being a mom of two and working a lot is not ideal – but I love it all, so I do my best to keep up!

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